How to make a good Resume Online

April 14, 2020

At present getting a good job is not an easy task. Even if you have great skills or a huge amount of experience with you, it is not enough to get the right job – fast, without having a perfect resume.

You can make a perfect resume if you have the knowledge of creating a perfect resume. The next option is you can hire a certified professional resume writer and it costs a lot. The next and best option we recommend is to build your resume by using a professional online resume builder. So this article will give you the perfect knowledge on how to create a good resume using an online resume builder. Let’s go.

Step 01 – Find a Good Online Resume Builder

Now, this is a challenging task. There are so many resume builders available on the internet. Some of them are really good and some are very bad. But there are some world-renowned resume builders such as: Zety, Novo Resume, Kick Resume, enhancv, Resume Genius etc. But all of them are paid services. If you need any free resume building services we can also suggest Kick Resume, Priwoo, Indeed, Cool Free CV, etc. Those will be really great picks to make your resumes online. So after you choose a good online resume builder, you can start to make your own perfect resume.

find a good online resume builder

Step 02 – Choose a Good Resume Template

All the resume builders have their own resume templates. There may be 100s of resume templates to choose. But be wise to choose a good resume template as some of the resume templates are not ATS friendly. So try to pick a professional resume template with a clean design. Do not choose a fanciful, graphical resume template.

After you pick a template you can add information to your resume. But if you change your mind in the middle of the process, no problem at all. You can swap to a different resume template with a single click. All your content will move to the new template.

choose a resume template that proven success

Step 03 – Add your Contact Details

Resume header is a very important section on your resume. This could help very much to get past the 6-second test. In this section, you have to include your key personal details such as your name, job title, home address, phone number, email address etc. However, by including a LinkedIn profile or any other portfolio websites to your resume header, it will definitely stand out from thousands of other resumes.

Anyway, there is some information you should not include on your resume header too. Awareness of those things will be very important otherwise your resume is in danger of getting rejected within the 6-second test. Never put your photograph, date of birth, gender, nationality, religion/race, marital state, family Information or salary (current/expected) on your resume header.

contact details on resume

Step 04 – Write a Powerful Summary

Earlier people used to write objectives by describing their targets or professional goals in the job they are applying for. But now it is out of date and recruiters prefer to write a summary or an achievement statement instead. A good resume summary can quickly grab the attention of the recruiter and it will help very much to get past the 6-second test too.

In a resume summary, you have to describe what you can do for the company and what skills do you have to achieve those. Also, it is better to include some of your already achieved targets in your professional career with quantified results. So that the recruiter can decide whether you are a potential candidate or not.

Keep your summary short and to the point. The average length of a professional summary is between 50-100 words. When making a resume, relevancy is the key. Therefore tailor your resume with keywords of the original job posting.

Here is a good example for a professional summary of a resume for a Human Resources job.

Human resources executive and expert recruiter offering 10+ years of experience assisting organizations in increasing performance and achieving operational goals. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, an expert in conducting negotiations, and the ability to interact with employees of all levels. Consistently strives for excellence while upholding policies, procedures, and regulations.

write a resume summary

Step 05 – Create a Professional Job Description

As mentioned earlier relevancy is the key to a successful resume. So when you are building a resume online also you have to keep that in mind. When you add job descriptions for your resume work experience section, you may have a huge amount of experience. Or maybe a little. However, you need to put only related experience to the job which you are going to apply for.

The other important thing is you don’t need to put your whole experience in your life. It is better to show a maximum 15 years of experience. Recruiters don’t need to know your past. They need to know only what you are doing right now and how it’s going to help them in the future.

When you describe your work history start from your most recent job first and then the others in reverse chronological order. Here also recruiters or the hiring managers are looking for your achieved results from each job position as in the resume summary. If you could provide quantified results in 3-4 bullet points that will definitely stand out your resume from others.

You can improve your resume work experience section by including some action verbs like developed, managed, lead, organized, coordinated etc. Also keep in mind that not to include pronouns such as “I”, “me”, “my” etc when describing job duties.

list you work experience reverse chronologically

Step 06 – List your Relevant Education

At present most of the recruiters do not bother about your educational qualifications unless you are applying for an executive position. The reason is they prefer experience over qualification. However, there are some who are seeking for the candidates with a good educational background. Therefore the education section on your resume is also a very important section.

Here also you have to list your educational qualifications in reverse chronological order. That means your most recent educational qualification first and then the others respectively. But only relevant education. Next to that, you can indicate your graduation date and institute name. If you are not still graduated you can list the date you are expected to graduate. You can include your GPA on the resume if and only if it is above 3.0. Otherwise do not include it, because it will decrease the value of your resume.

list your education on resume

Step 07 – Highlight your Hard and Soft Skills

For better results, you can include your top skills which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Use keywords from the job advertisement as much as possible. This way you can make your resume more Applicant Tracking System friendly. Try to add 8-10 skills on your resume. Do not go beyond that limit.

hard skills vs soft skills on a resume

Follow all these steps to having a great resume via online resume builders. But you have to remember that a single resume may not be suitable for multiple jobs. You have to tailor your resume for each and every job. You have to tailor your resume according to the job advertisement. Then only you can beat the ATS and get the desired job – fast.

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